About Smiths News plc

Smiths News plc is the market leader in newspaper and magazine wholesaling.

Combining scale, technology and know-how, we offer a comprehensive supply chain solution, with unmatched service to publishers and retailers - as a result, we are the UK’s largest news wholesaler with a 55% market share and long-established partnerships across the supply chain. Our market share and geographic coverage provides us with a unique insight into the news industry, enhanced by complementary services that add value for publishers and retailers.

Specialists in news distribution

Smiths News

Smiths News is the UK’s largest news wholesaler, operating from 37 distribution centres and serving 24,000 customers every day of the year. As well as delivering supplies, we collect and recycle returns, forecast future demand and work closely with publishers and retailers to meet the needs of millions of consumers across the UK.

DMD is a specialist supplier of printed and digital media to airlines and travel points in the UK and worldwide.

InStore works with retailers, suppliers and publishers providing field-based Merchandising & Marketing, Supply Chain Auditing and Compliance solutions.

Martin Lavell is a leading corporate news distributor, supplying newspapers and magazines to corporate and public sector customers for the last 50 years.