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The leading specialist in UK news wholesaling.

Smiths News plc is the market leader in the wholesale distribution of newspapers and magazines in the UK. As the largest player in a highly specialist market we strive to be the very best at what we do - and thereby deliver sustainable and relatively predictable returns for our shareholders.

We are constantly exploring new ways of working that help us to deliver improvements to our service and the efficiency of operations. This adds value for all stakeholders in the supply chain and underpins or ability to deliver sustainable profit and cash flow.

  • The UK’s largest news wholesaler

    With 55% market share, Smiths News is an acknowledged industry leader with and a track record of exemplary customer service. Delivering to more than 27,000 retailers across England and Wales we operate seven days a week, delivering supplies, collecting and processing returns and using technology to forecast demand and manage products efficiently.

    Our distribution network includes 5 super hubs and 32 satellite depots of differing size, serving locations as far apart as Cornwall to Northumberland.

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  • DMD is a leading travel and airside services provider, specialising in printed and digital media. We help publishers reach valuable out-of-home audiences and give airlines, airports and rail operators access to the very best newspapers, magazines and more.

    DMD works with publishers to deliver their titles to high-value consumers – its UK physical operations are integrated into Smiths News; in addition, we use a network of agents to service airlines worldwide.


  • Instore works with retailers, suppliers and publishers to provide Field Marketing, Supply Chain Auditing and Compliance services. A specialist in the news and magazines category, Instore also supports a portfolio of categories including entertainment, games, books and stationery, fresh produce and impulse purchases such as, lottery and mobile networks.

  • Martin Lavell is a leading corporate news distributor, supplying newspapers and magazines to corporate and public sector customers for the last 50 years.

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