Information on our historic dividends, a calendar for future payments and a tool to analyse values.

Dividend Calendar

Dividend FAQs

  • What is a dividend?

    A dividend is a payment to shareholders paid out of the company's distributable profits. It is paid to everyone who is registed as a shareholder at the record date. Please see dividend calendar for specific record dates.

  • When are dividends paid?

    The Company pays dividends twice a year. The interim dividend is typically paid mid-July, with the final dividend typically paid in February. Please see dividend calendar for specific payment dates.

  • I have not received my dividend cheque, who do I contact?

    If you have not received your dividend payment, please contact the Company registrars.

  • Can I have my dividends paid directly into my bank or building society account?

    Yes you can have your dividends paid directly into a UK bank or building society account, which avoids the risk of cheques being lost or mislaid. The dividend will be credited to your account on the payment date and you will not have to wait for a cheque to clear on your account. A tax voucher will be sent to your registered address annually so you know when and how much has been paid into your account. Shareholders wishing to benefit from this service should complete a dividend mandate form and submit it to the registrar.


Investor Contact

For all enquiries concerning Investor Relations, please email investor.relations@smithsnews.co.uk

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