Connect Group PLC recertifies to the Carbon Trust Standard

Thursday 14th August 2014

Connect Group PLC has reduced its carbon footprint by an impressive 13.4%, and has successfully recertified to the Carbon Trust Standard.

Connect Group PLC also performed strongly in the qualitative assessment, scoring 85%, which reflects a demonstrated effectiveness at responding to climate change through governance, carbon accounting and management, as well as providing positive verification of the energy management standards in place. This is the third time Connect Group PLC has achieved the Carbon Trust Standard since 2010.

This is a great result for the Company, and validates the success of various efforts across the Group to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage.

Connect Group are continually looking for new ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint, and have worked hard to implement numerous LED lighting schemes across its locations, reduce the number of distribution miles and continuously improve on the measurement and reporting of energy consumption.

The recertification provides great recognition for the Group’s achievements in carbon reduction and demonstrates the Company’s commitment to reducing emissions year-on-year.

Richard Webb, Group Services and IT Director, commented:

“Recertifying under the Carbon Trust Standard is a significant achievement for Connect Group PLC. Not only have we identified new areas in which to increase our carbon efficiency, but we have been delighted at how staff have got involved to really drive these initiatives throughout the business.”

To achieve the Carbon Trust Standard, organisations must firstly measure their direct carbon footprint (for example, on-site fuel and electricity use), prove that good carbon management practices are in place and demonstrate genuine reduction in their emissions.

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