Olympic Torch Relay – the initial results are in!

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Today, Smiths News has announced that retailers in the South West have reported a significant rise in newspaper sales, following the Olympic Torch Relay passing through their town/city.

Ken Ingham, Publisher Account Manager at Smiths News said:

“We were keen to identify what the benefits would be to our customers who would see the Olympic Torch pass through their town/city. Therefore, in cooperation with publishers, we put a plan in place to increase supplies of national and regional newspapers for those stores along the route from day one of the Olympic Torch Relay Route.”

Both national and regional press have seen strong increases in sales. For example, retailers served by Smiths News in Taunton saw an increase in regional newspaper sales of 12%. Smiths News retailers in Bristol and Brislington saw an increase in all newspapers of almost 17% and in Gloucester Smiths News retailers on the Olympic Torch Relay Route saw the highest increase in regional press sales of 28%.

Using sales data, Smiths News can see that shoppers purchased a newspaper the day after the Olympic Torch Relay had passed through their town/city. It’s clear that people want to read about the Olympic Torch when it was in their home town/city. The increased press and media coverage of their home town seems to have played a significant factor towards the increased sales.

Retailers who were close to the route of the Olympic Torch Relay have also reported that they saw increases in footfall in their stores on the same day of the Olympic Torch visiting as many people took to the streets to see the Olympic Torch Relay pass by. Commenting on the significant rise in newspaper sales, Ken concluded:

“The results are great news and are a good indication of the sales potential around the Olympic Games. We have mapped our customers along the Olympic Torch Relay Route and have communicated our plans to publishers so those who are close to the Olympic Torch Evening Celebrations will receive increased supplies to meet demand. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day and we are determined that all our customers see the benefit.”

During the first week, Smiths News also ensured retailers along the route and close to the Olympic Torch Evening Celebrations had access to supplies of the Official Olympic collectable products.

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