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Tuesday 27th March 2012

The press release below is from the Press Distribution Forum:

Responding to requests for more flexible communication, wholesalers Smiths News and Menzies Distribution, working with PPA, have established a range of options for the notification of changes to magazine orders. Retailers can now choose how much or how little paperwork they would like to receive. The options range from receiving information on every order amendment, through to receiving none at all; there is also a facility to use electronic communication.

The initiative, developed under the auspices of the Press Distribution Forum (PDF), will help retailers to manage their supplies and minimise administration.

As a requirement of the Press Distribution Charter, wholesalers will whenever possible give 48-hours’ notice of any changes to standing orders – unfortunately, this can result in an overloaded of paperwork. Under the new system, retailers can tailor the information they receive; it will also standardise the paperwork for those retailers supplied by both wholesalers.

Steve Crippwell, Director of Supply Chain at Comag and Chair of the PDF working party said:

“It’s become apparent that wholesalers need to offer a range of options that are simple to understand and implement. Independent retailers will benefit from simpler, easier to manage paperwork and by standardising the approach it means those multiple retailers that are supplied by both wholesalers can operate with a consistent process across their stores."

Having enhanced their respective systems, Smiths News and Menzies Distribution are able to offer the options listed below to retailers. For more information, retailers should contact their magazine wholesaler. Here are the new options below: 

  • All Titles - This option would advise of all changes to standing orders as a result of the copy management process. The changes appear as an advice note
  • Discretionary/ optional - This option would advise only the changes made to titles that are classed as discretionary (as opposed to ‘mandatory’) in the retailers’ range
  • Range amendments only - This option would only advise only of titles that are being added or deleted from the retailer’s range
  • Major changes only - This option would advise on all titles – but only when there is a significant difference in order quantities compared to the previous standing order
  • New Titles (option only available electronically) - This option, would advise the retailer of all new titles, regardless of whether they have been allocated a supply
  • None - Under this option, changes to standing orders would not be notified and no advice note will be produced.

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