Service is top on the Olympic agenda

Monday 9th July 2012

Top on the agenda for Smiths News last week has been retailer visits.

The wholesaler has been out in force discussing with its customers how they can prepare for the Olympic Games. Account Manager, Tim Edridge has been making the rounds in London. Recently, Tim paid Spar retailer Vavan a visit (who has a shop on The Strand, London). They discussed how the Olympics will be affecting distribution and Tim gathered the necessary information to ensure deliveries continue to get through on time.

In total, all 75 retailers who are situated in the Olympic Route Network have received a visit from their Smiths News’ Account Manager. Smiths News wants to ensure that they can provide their customers a smooth service throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games period. The purpose of the visits is to talk to retailers about their deliveries, including the delivery restrictions which will be in place during the Olympic Games. New Olympic Games products, such as one-off magazines and the opportunity to sell foreign press will also be discussed with customers.

Tim Edridge, Account Manager for Smiths News said:

“We want to continue to deliver a high level of service to our customers who will be impacted throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our priorities are to provide a seamless delivery and collection service, as well as ensuring that supplies are delivered on time every day during this period. We are also discussing with retailers how they can optimise their sales during this time. By speaking to our customers face-to-face it helps us ensure we capture the detail we need to deliver a solution for each and every store.”

Smiths News has announced further retail visits outside the core Olympic Route Network are also underway. These are specifically to address the challenges raised by the cycle road race and time trial events that come with a series of early road closures.

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