A responsible business

We operate to a well-established foundation of responsible practice, embracing an awareness of our impact on the workplace, industry stakeholders, the environment and the wide communities in which we operate.

Within the business we work to common values and support these with practices that ensure all colleagues are valued, treated with respect, and have the opportunity to develop their careers.  We extend the same care to customers and other stakeholders with policies that are clear about the way we work and what we expect from our partners.


We have six values which guide the way we do business. These values are the foundation of our culture, shaped by an agile and entrepreneurial approach to serving our colleagues, the business and customers.

  • Quick

    Make informed decisions and act quickly. Be agile in the way we work together and deliver for our customers

  • Creative

    Be imaginative, curious and adventurous. Develop inspirational ideas and innovative solutions

  • Open

    Share your thoughts freely and always stay open to new ideas.  Listen to others, be positive and engage in communications

  • Trusted

    Safe, reliable and responsible. Take pride in our work and do the right thing for our customers and each other

  • Friendly

    Have fun and be helpful. Enjoy working together to deliver great performance

  • Fair

    Be inclusive, honest and respectful to everyone, whatever their role or experience

Listening to our people

Our colleague engagement programme includes an annual independently-run colleague survey and a Colleague Forum, with representatives from every office. The programme keeps us in touch with colleagues working at every level of the Company, and ensures the opinions of all our colleagues are heard and that everyone has the chance of a say in how our business is run.

More than that, it gives us a sense of collective ownership over our strategic direction, which reflects our commitment to working in partnership with one another. The success of our business depends on the hard work of our colleagues. We therefore have a duty to listen to their views and act accordingly.

Developing our people

No business can succeed without a commitment to its people, so we strive to give our colleagues every opportunity to flourish. Our talent strategy provides mentoring and development for people of promise and our colleagues have access to training via our online learning portal, My Learning.

Close attention is paid to career progression, at every level of the company. So colleagues are helped to plan their career and gain the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to achieve their goals.

Add that to a successful graduate scheme, an award-winning apprenticeship programme and a track record of helping our people to grow, and you have all the ingredients of a happy and productive working environment. It’s one where achievement is celebrated and everyone has the chance to realise their ambitions.

Health & Safety

We maintain the highest standards of Health & Safety throughout the Company and progress is monitored and reviewed by the Board and Executive Leadership Team. Our Health & Safety strategy aims to eliminate or minimise accidents, ensuring a culture in which safety and health are always prioritised.

Thanks to a Health & Safety risk management and compliance software system, we are able to manage every aspect of this important area, so that colleagues receive the information, instruction and training they need to complete their work safely, efficiently and in a way that protects the people around them.

This is an essential part of our Corporate Responsibility programme and works for the good of our colleagues, contractors, trading partners and the wider public.

Health & Safety

Business Conduct and Corruption and Bribery

Our Code of Business Conduct ensures that, in serving the interests of our shareholders, we also discharge our duties towards the individuals and businesses with whom we have contact. This includes investors, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the wider community. In addition, the Code enshrines a commitment to the environment, because we recognise that our responsibilities extend to the natural world.

We are committed to conducting business professionally, fairly and with honesty and integrity. As a result, we expect our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers to maintain high ethical standards in this regard and, in doing so, to achieve compliance with bribery and corruption laws. We would therefore like to draw your attention to our statement of Corruption and Bribery, which you can view here.

Code of Business Conduct

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Government requires UK businesses with over 250 employees to publish their Gender Pay Gap Report (GPGR) each year. To read our Gender Pay Gap Report please click the links below.

Gender Pay Gap Report - 2020 

Gender Pay Gap Report - 2019

Gender Pay Gap Report - 2018

Gender Pay Gap Report - 2017

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We conduct regular engagement surveyes with all colleagues



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