Supporting communities

We’re committed to supporting the wider communities we serve.

Every day we deliver a unique service to communities across the UK, ensuring the wide availability of news and information from high streets to the most remote of rural locations. But we’re committed to doing more, and to helping our colleagues to contribute in other ways than our day to day business.

Colleague involvement is therefore at the heart of our approach, which is founded on supporting the good causes that matter to our people and their communities. Over many years we’ve supported so many projects – from volunteering in schools and helping out at the local allotments, to fundraising for charities big and small. Whatever the occasion, we know that colleagues will show their support and also inspire others to get involved too.

To help achieve these goals we provide time off for volunteering and financial assistance to the causes that they are supporting. We have an internal community intranet that shares colleagues’ charitable involvement and promotes the support available to them.

Pass it On

In 2016, we launched ‘Pass It On’ as a Christmas campaign which encouraged colleagues to donate winter clothing and sleeping bags to help rough sleepers, homeless and vulnerable people. A year later and the campaign had grown beyond our best expectations – by the following winter, colleagues from across the business were donating and distributing over 6000 donated items as well as hot drinks, toiletries and other winter essentials.

Pass It On now runs throughout the year, providing a focus for colleague fundraisbing and community activity. While the winter sees the highest level of activity – and biggest need - in summer we distribute much needed toiletries, sun creams, food and clothing because homelessness is a year-round problem with different challenges in different seasons.

Volunteering & Citizenship

Our colleagues can apply for up to five days off per year to volunteer, freeing them to work with a charity of their choice. That could be five days in a row to take part in a big event or small chunks of their time to volunteer on a regular basis. The time can be spent supporting whatever project they wish - our only stipulation is that they work with a registered charity.

We believe this scheme helps colleagues improve their work-life balance and gain satisfaction from giving something back to society. But we hope the biggest winners are the good causes which benefit from the the commitment and energy of colleagues supporting them in ways that make a real difference.

We believe this scheme helps colleagues improve their work-life balance and gain satisfaction from giving something back to society. But the real winners are the charities who benefit from the time and dedication of our people, who have the commitment and energy to support them in a variety of ways.

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